Centrex was built on handshakes and integrity. Everything we do is founded on the belief that collaboration stirs emotion and frees us to create. Collectively, we will push boundaries and achieve not what is common, but what is possible.


Every building's inception is rooted in an idea; whether a dream, a need, or a vision. We like dreamers here at Centrex because we too, consider ourselves visionaries. Once we have taken on your perspective as our own, we will hand-select a team that will put your mind at ease by way of attainable, clearly defined benchmarks and timelines. We appreciate that construction is one of the most traditional industries that still exists today, and though we're still technically stacking rocks and building structures, we're going about it in an unprecedented manner. Our commitment to ensuring that you are impressed with the final-product also means that we value the journey you take with us to arrive there.


Our passion for the industry that we are a part of and the energy that we bring to the table allows us the freedom to create and push boundaries that may have otherwise been perceived as unattainable. Working together, we achieve breakthrough results that you will see by way of our quality craftsmanship, innovative designs, commitment to doing a job right the first time, and genuine interest in your project. From aviation facility development to a wide-range of commercial projects, our depth of experience and ability to adapt to every client's unique demands have aided in our rise to be noted among the West Coast's premier commercial construction management firms. We welcome the opportunity to provide you a space to freely dream and construct not what is common, but truly possible.