Design, development, and construction of aviation facilities are Centrex's specialty and passion.

Centrex understands the unique and challenging aspects of aviation facility development and construction. Our team understands this market from a construction and design standpoint but also from an aircraft owner/operator perspective. This unique combination of knowledge and expertise allows Centrex to effectively provide our aviation clients with high quality facilities to house aircraft, flight departments, and operate businesses from. It is understood that aviation facilities must be functional, efficient and reliable, showcases for the aircraft they store.

With this mentality, our company has successfully constructed over two million square feet of aviation facilities along the West Coast. From helicopter facilities to premier jet aircraft hangars, FBO's and MRO's, our expertise spans the entire aviation industry. We look forward to the opportunity of providing you with the aviation facility that exceeds your high expectations.

Oregon Aero

Corporate Headquarters

Scappoose, OR


Keystone Aviation

Regional MRO

Aurora, OR


ScanEagle Facility

Arlington, WA


Lightspeed Aviation

World Headquarters

Lake Oswego, OR

Our completed facilities show that our clients' unique needs were anticipated. These FBO, MRO, hangars, on-airport hospitality buildings, and other facilities were designed and built by aviation knowledgeable professionals.  These facilities will stand proudly apart from the rest of the aviation industry.

Rather than attempting to hide imperfections, you and your clients or tenants will be proud to display your building because the fit, finish and craftsmanship are flawlessly executed. Your building will focus and exemplify your attention to detail – and the professionalism of your business as well—a class act!"

Centrex construction projects accentuate the best of your business :

·      They enable your operations rather than hinder them

·      They enhance operational and revenue potential

·      They are designed to provide support for several generations of aircraft into the future

·      You never need to worry about compliance with airport or FAA construction safety related regulations

·      You don’t need to teach aviation risk mitigation on the job as we live with and are very familiar with these topics

·      You get the best value per square foot

Centrex seeks to understand our clients’ goals. We put ourselves in your shoes by listening first. 

Many builders will come in with charts, graphs, and data. Of course we could do that as well, but we believe it is MORE important to come in with a yellow pad and a pencil. Ready to hear YOUR concerns.

Then throughout the design and construction phases, we suggest applicable changes before they become expensive problems. To this end, your project always has a dedicated principal available for questions, status updates and/or project consultation. 

We value each customer as if each were the only one we have.

Many of our clients have special concerns. We understand how to protect our clients’ privacy and provide options for low visibility and discreet operations.

You may have noticed that building contractors are notorious for telling you what you want to hear, because they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. On the other hand, your Centrex advocate will discuss with you what you need to hear.

We put our reputation on the line for each client because aviation construction is our primary focus. Our intent is to set the bar in aviation industry construction!