Russ Petricko

Project Manager

Hometown: Hood River, OR

Education: Chicago Correspondence

Hobbies: Family & Riding Quads

I believe that if you have a passion for something you should surround yourself with those who share in it. I started working in the construction industry before I was out of high school and knew this was my passion. Soon after graduating I started a painting company that grew to become a general contracting firm. As a builder, we get to build more than just buildings; we get to build friendships! Seeing the faces of my customers along the way and helping them turn their dreams into reality makes for lasting friendships. This same passion should be felt in the team that works with you on these projects. Centrex shares this passion for building but also in my values, goals, and positive outlook on life. My family is my passion, too, and enjoy exploring the outdoors, hiking, camping, and the occasional motocross with my wife and five children.